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Pricing & Plans

Payclock Online offers two software packages with different levels of automation & calculation rules.

The Standard Plan is sufficient for most small businesses who do not use complicated calculation rules.

The Enterprise Plan adds an additional layer of calculating power and automation. Organizations who need Shift Differentials, Auto Paid Holidays and Custom Rounding Rules will benefit from the Enterprise Plan.

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Payclock Enterprise Features

See the features that make the Enterprise Level so powerful.

5-Point Purchase Assurance

Free Setup & Install Support

Lifetime Telephone Support - Based in the USA

Hardware Service & Easy No Hassle Replacement 

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Time Clock Trade-Up Discounts

Hardware Support Pricing

PayClock Online requires the purchase of hardware support for each connected time clock.

This provides online time clock communication services, unlimited support, troubleshooting, and lifetime clock replacement for as long as you remain a subscriber.

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