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The Best Time Clocks For Quickbooks Have Arrived.

Integration with Quickbooks Online & Quickbooks Desktop

Payclock Online enables you to send employee hours directly into your Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop software.

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No Clocks? No Problem.

Punch in your web browser or use the Payclock Online Mobile App, available for iOS and Android.

Questions? We Have Answers.

What versions of Quickbooks will this work with?

Payclock Online will work with all versions of Quickbooks Desktop 2009 and later and works with Quickbooks Online.

How do I export the time to Quickbooks?

After linking your Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop to Payclock Online the export process is as simple as pressing a button. At the end of each pay period once all of your edits are complete, you will select the Exports button, select your pay period, and click EXPORT. This will push the information directly into Quickbooks. Simple as that!

Is there a monthly subscription?

Payclock Online is a cloud based software so there is a monthly fee. You purchase the clocks upfront and then pay monthly to access the Payclock Online software.

What is the difference between Standard & Enterprise?

The Standard Plan is adequate for most small businesses and covers all of the basics for time calculation. The Enterprise Level allows for more complex calculation rules and some additional automation such as automatically paid holidays, shift differentials and more.

Can I send Job information to Quickbooks?

At this time we can only export the department worked, type of hours and number of hours. Job information cannot be exported into Quickbooks.

Check out the How It Works With Quickbooks page for more details!

The Most Complete Integration with Quickbooks Online.

Payclock Online offers a bidirectional interface with your Quickbooks Online account, enabling you to sync employee names and information between Quickbooks and Payclock. Data Entry? Not here.

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We have tried 4 or 5 other time clock systems since starting our business in 2001 and Payclock Online has by far been the easiest system to setup and use.

John H.

We bought the system for the Quickbooks export but the most popular feature has become the mobile app. Employees love to see their time and request time off online.

Christine J.

The Quickbooks Online export has made my life SOO much easier, it syncs the time and new employees, i have been very pleased overall.

Peter P.

We were using the fingerprint clocks in the office when the pandemic hit and everyone started working from home, turns out that was no problem, the employees just started clocking in from the website or mobile app and we can still have accountability even when they aren't in the office.

Krystal S.

Editing the digital timecards is a breeze, we switched from a punch clock and I don't have to add up ANYTHING any more!

David L.

We switched to Payclock for the Facial Recognition clocks when the pandemic started. Our employees did not want to touch a clock anymore and this was the perfect solution. The Quickbooks export has also been a huge improvement over our last system.

Jenny R.