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Proximity Time ClocksProximity Time Clocks for Quickbooks

Proximity Time Clocks have become the standard for badge time clocks in recent years. The introduction of widely, available, cheap RFID cards have largely replaced magnetic stripe and barcode time clock systems. Proximity badges do not need to be physically swiped through a reader, just touched to the front of the machine, or waved an inch or so away. This reduces the physical wear on the time clock and the badge, leading to increased lifespans for your equipment, which translates to savings for your business.

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Acroprint TimeQPlus Proximity Time Clock
Amano Time Guardian & Proximity Time Clock
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Lathem PC700 Wifi Time Clock With Payclock Online
Lathem CT72 Wifi Fingerprint Time Clock with Payclock Online
Lathem CT70 Wifi Badge Time Clock with Payclock Online
uAttend Proximity Badge Time Clock
uAttend Proximity Badge Time Clock with Wifi