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Pin Entry Time Clocks

The recent release of touchscreen time clocks provide a number of benefits for the employer and the employee alike. Touchscreen terminals allow employees to punch using a pin code, which can mean lower cost of ownership, as the employer does not need to constantly replace lost badges, which also means less work for the employer. Many touchscreen terminals also integrate a badge reader or biometric option, which can give the employer more options. Employer's can require the use of badges, but if an employee forgets their badge, they can still use a pin code.

Touchscreens on most of today's terminals also provide the added value of employee self service. Employees can often lookup how many hours they have this week, how much benefit time is available to them, and sometimes request time off directly from the clock, without having to trouble the payroll person with these questions.
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uAttend Fingerprint Time Clock
uAttend Fingerprint Time Clock with Wifi
uAttend Proximity Badge Time Clock
uAttend Proximity Badge Time Clock with Wifi
uAttend Facial Recognition Time Clock
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uAttend Virtual Time Clock & Smartphone App
Lathem CT70 Wifi Badge Time Clock with Payclock Online
Lathem CT72 Wifi Fingerprint Time Clock with Payclock Online
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Lathem PC700 Wifi Time Clock With Payclock Online