Biometric Clocks

Biometric Time Clocks

Biometric time clock solutions have become a very popular option for small businesses as the technology has improved and the prices have become more affordable over the past few years. Biometrics encompasses all the technologies that uses an employees physical features as a form of verification instead of a badge or time sheet. The most popular forms of Biometrics today are Fingerprint Readers and Facial Recognition. Thousands of small businesses have made the switch to Biometrics to eliminate buddy punching in their business.

The key to choosing the right Biometric system is to understand the technology being used, and the environment you intend to use that technology in. Fingerprint readers for example work well when employees hands are clean, and there is not a lot of particulate in the air that could end up on the reader. Facial Recognition works well where Fingerprints don't, but require consistent lighting throughout the day to ensure the camera can clearly see the employees features.

All of our biometric options are listed below, or if you think one type would fit your environment more than the other, you can check out the individual category listings for each Biometric technology.

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uAttend Fingerprint Time Clock with Wifi
uAttend Fingerprint Time Clock
uAttend Facial Recognition Time Clock
Lathem CT72 Wifi Fingerprint Time Clock with Payclock Online