Best Employee Time Clocks That Work with Quickbooks

Posted by Josh on 1/16/2017 to News
With a combined total of 55 years in the Time and Attendance industry, we've worked with a huge number of employee time clock systems. We have sold them, implemented them, supported them, and replaced them. Different hardware, different software, and ever evolving technology. What has been consistent throughout, however, is the customers desire for systems that are easy to use for their employees and for themselves and a system that integrates with the programs they already use everyday, and doesn't require a ton of time to get running. Small business owners are busy, they wear too many hats to count, and they want something that works today, will work tomorrow,  and won't break the bank.

We decided it was time to launch a site with all of that in mind. We have been working with small businesses for as long as we have been around and we want to make it simple for you to find exactly that; a system that works and fits your budget.

Since we began in 1970, the time clocks may have changed, but many of the brands have stayed the same. Two of those brands are Lathem Time Corporation (Since 1919), and Acroprint Time Recorder (Since 1969). We have worked with them since the beginning of our small business, all the way through today. They are American Companies who understand what small businesses are looking for and that is why we feature both of these companies on our site. We have yet to find any other manufacturers that have better interfaces to Quickbooks, or a better value for the price.

Lathem Time Corporation
offers a great two way interface to Quickbooks with their Payclock Version 6 software packages. It allows you to enter the employees in Quickbooks and have that information transferred automatically into the Payclock program, saving you time. At the end of your pay period the employees time data and even department hours are transferred back into Quickbooks by creating an export file that Quickbooks can pull right in, saving you from manually entering that information in. Pair that software functionality with the great terminals they offer, both the latest in Biometric Facial Recognition Technology with their FR650 and FR700 Series of time clocks or their PC600 Proximity Badge/Color Touchscreen time clocks and you have an unbeatable combination of performance and value.

Acroprint Time Recorder also offers a great simple to use program, TimeQPlus, which has a straightforward interface to Quickbooks. When setting up the software for the first time you can import all of your employees information directly from Quickbooks, saving you the time it takes to manually type all of that information into the system. They also offer export functionality that allows you to create a file Quickbooks can pull right in at the end of the pay period and bring all of employees pay data into the Quickbooks software for you. Acroprint also offers an unbeatable set of time clock options to pair with their TimeQPlus software package. Acroprint offers Magnetic Stripe Time Clocks, Barcode Time Clocks, and their best selling Proximity Time Clocks if you feel a badge reader time clock best suits your business. If you are looking for a Biometric solution they offer one of the best value Fingerprint Time Clocks on the market today. Their products also include an unmatched 2 Year Warranty, so you know they stand behind their products.

We have tried to make this site as simple to use as possible, and include as much information as we can about each product to help you make your decision. On each product page we have included product videos, downloadable PDF's, system requirement specifications, a brief explanation of how that time clock will work with Quickbooks, and a FAQ section to give you as much information as possible. If you still have questions beyond that please don't hesitate to use the on screen chat function to speak to one of us, shoot us an email, or give us a call. Chances are we've heard your question before and will be happy to assist you.

We really hope you find this site simple, helpful, and straightforward.